Looking for the Best Mortgage Broker in Montreal?

While their might be many to pick from, there is only one George Macris. I speciliaze in mortgages and getting you the best mortgage rate possible in Montreal.


Geroge Macris

My name is George Macris and I am an accredited mortgage broker with Dominion lending Centers.

I specialize in Residential, Multi Unit and Commercial mortgages.

My office is strategically located in Montreal where I can meet my clients.
I am also mobile so I can always meet the clients at their location of choice. By using my services free of charge the process is quick, easy to understand saving you time and money.
Let me assist you in the province of Quebec for your: Purchase, refinance, Pre approval or renewal of your mortgage First mortgage, Second Mortgage, Multi Unit Mortgage, Debt consolidation mortgage, Bad credit mortgage, Self-employed mortgage and commercial mortgage. Quebec: D5497

George Macris George Macris

A Mortgage broker in Montreal plays a key role in the Canadian mortgage industry He will have knowledge of the value of the homes in the surroundings areas and will be able to Secure you a mortgage.
There is a large percentage of Canadians who think that the only option they have is to work With the lender they have been dealing with for the longest time. A Montreal mortgage broker is Mobile and is available to answer your question, even on weekends.
There is a large percentage of clients who have been refused by their bank because they have poor credit or do not fit in the basic guidelines because of late payments on consumer debt. A Montreal mortgage broker can help you with a first mortgage or a second mortgage, helping you Get approved with the best mortgage rate, or helping you refinance your home to pay off the consumer debts you may have.
A mortgage broker in Montreal can offer you a mortgage with Scotia, Mcap, Toronto Dominion, B2B, First National, Desjardins, Home trust, Equitable Bank, Laurentienne Bank, Industrial alliance and Manulife. Why limit yourself to only one lender. A Montreal mortgage broker can bring your mortgage to any lender above and get you the best mortgage rate and our services are free, there is nothing you pay us.

Not all clients are equal and each lender will offer sometimes a different product, so a mortgage broker Can bring your file to the lender who will get your file approved the first time. Your credit is very important and this is why a mortgage broker will only check it once then send out your file to be approved.

Mortgage broker vs. a bank?

When you are looking to purchase a property, renew your mortgage or if you want to refinance your home you now have a choice, you can schedule an appointment with your bank, where they will offer you only their mortgage rates and products. OR you can contact a mortgage broker who is licensed and accredited with multiple lenders in Montreal. The mortgage broker negotiates each day with the lenders to offer you different mortgage products and rates. You can then choose the best mortgage rate and product that suits your needs.

The Advantages of working with a mortgage broker in Montreal?

  • They work for you, not the bank, they negotiate on your behalf
  • They work nights and weekends to accommodate the client schedule
  • The mortgage broker will only pull your credit report once
  • There are no fees charged to the client for their services
  • Accredited with Multiple lenders, so they can offer you different mortgage rates and products

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    Best Mortgage Broker Montreal Dominion Lending Centers Best Mortgage Broker Montreal Dominion Lending Centers
    Best Mortgage Broker Montreal Dominion Lending Centers Best Mortgage Broker Montreal 2014 Best Mortgage Broker CMP Montreal 2014 Best Mortgage Broker Montreal OACIQ Best Mortgage Broker Montreal Canada Best Mortgage Broker Montreal 2014 Best Mortgage Broker Montreal Dominion Lending Centers

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